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To discover an old camera with its bag, some accessories and its user manual is not so frequent. Generally, the user manual had disappeared. It is a pity because these documents bring very interesting technical information.

Below some documents I had the chance to find :

EASTMAN KODAK Co. "Brownies" Juniors Six-16 & Six-20 (1779 Ko) All pages
EASTMAN KODAK Co. Kodak Brownie Model 1 (261 Ko) All pages
FEX FEX Super Boy (176 Ko) All pages
FEX (BAUCHET) MOSQUITO I (108 Ko) All pages
J.GIRARD & Compagnie

La Radieuse (261 Ko)

All pages
JULES RICHARD Glyphoscope (1861 Ko)                              (Thanks to Benoit Huez) All pages
HOUGHTONS Ltd Ticka watch camera (434 Ko)           (Thanks to Claes G÷ran) All pages
NIKON Nikon EM  (1585 Ko)                         (Thanks to Jean-Claude Behar) All pages
OLYMPUS Catalogue Olympus OM System    (659 Ko) Partial
OLYMPUS Olympus OM-1MD    (452 Ko) Partial
OLYMPUS Olympus OM-10MD    (1626 Ko) All pages
OLYMPUS Olympus OM-2MD    (2024 Ko) All pages
O.P.L FOCA types PF2B & PF3    (133 Ko) Partial
PHOTO PLAIT Catalogue Photo Plait 1936   (1182 Ko) Partial
ZEISS IKON Box-Tengor 54/15    (246 Ko) All pages

Caution! To be able to open these pdf files you must have ACROBAT Reader « installed on your machine. You can download this freeware while double-clicking on the icon below.


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