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Due to many hacking attemps, free edit access to the visitor's book of the Old Album web is no more permitted. If you want to leave me a tribute or a comment, please use my email address : Thanks in advance.
bullet Date : 26/02/2014                    eMail address :              Name: James Pennington
Thank you for the information on your web site; I enjoyed browsing the articles and galleries.

bullet Date : 29/03/2009                    eMail address :               Name: Graham Wilson
I want to thanks your for your web site. I just spent an hour there looking at your cameras and other collections. I had a great time and enjoyed it very much.

bullet Date : March 2009
The Old
Album web site is listed on the edition #39 - Spring 2009 of the magazine "Best on Web".
Ranked "Good site"


Date : 07/02/2009                  eMail address:                       Name : Dale

I enjoyed looking at you 35 Petri camera.  Many years ago when I was in the military at Ft. Bliss in El Paso, TX, I bought a 35 Petri camera VIA postal mail.  It was in 1954.  I loved the camera.  It was stolen out of my car.  I cannot remember the specifics (details) of the camera, but it probably had the f3.5 lens.  I hope to find another one sometime on eBay.  Best wishes and merci.


Date : 11/11/2008                  eMail address:              Name : unknown (
This camera collector’s site,, is quite nice. It is run by a Frenchman named Michel. He has a short, but hopefully growing, section of techniques that he is building such as this one on How to Change the Cover Glass of a Daguerreotype. I thought the page of pictures of the packaging from glass plates was a very nice touch. He also has a pictorial guide to Leica camera models. Short and sweet. I like it.
The forum looks interesting, but I need to work on my French skills.
The only difficulty I had was with viewing the photo albums. I use firefox. With it, his photo albums displayed poorly. The pictures became a continuous horizontal row of pictures that required a excessive scrolling. I pulled it up in internet explorer and the site displayed beautifully. All in all, it’s a nice site.


Date : 11/02/2008 5:57         eMail address :                   Name: Charles A. Johnston
Thank you so very much for sharing your love of photography, old and new, with all of us on the web.  Your collection of old photos is remarkable, and your selection of older cameras is wonderful to browse.  You are an inspiration! I, too, collect cameras – nothing fancy, but I do have a hundred or more cameras from box and folding cameras to 4x5 view cameras and Nikon/Canon SLRs that I use professionally ( I am a commercial (TV) producer / cinematographer).  
Seeing your collection of both cameras and prints kept me spellbound for several hours -  mon Dieu, look at the time!  I should be in bed!
Again, thank you very much for a truly enjoyable site – keep up the good work.  I have especially enjoyed having a glimpse of your family history via photos... Truly they are treasures not only for you, as family, but for us all who appreciate exceptional photography.
Merci beaucoup.


Date: 25.12.2006 at 12:12:29      eMail address :      Name: James E. Langmesser
Visited your website and was particularly struck by your thoughts on how old cameras have lives of their own. Every time I look through the viewfinder of my 1929 Rolleiflex to take a picture, I wonder, what else has this camera has seen? What tragedies, joy? I thought I was the only one who thought like this.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


Date: 31.10.2005 at 18:17:43     eMail address :                     Name: Berdie


Date: 10.04.2005 at 06:01:13     eMail address :                            Name: Paul
This site is a pleasure to visit and I always learn something new when I visit. Thanks for the very great job of preserving and describing the old cameras and antique photographs. -A fan in America


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