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The majority of the Web sites referenced here are well-known by the old camera amateurs and collectors. These sites are particularly well done and updated regularly.

I also added some Web sites that I like because of the collections they present, the subjects they cover or simply because they are pleasant.

bulletArt Conservation JJJ
This site offers different supplies adapted for the archiving of old photographies or glass plates. A good bargain as the products are top quality and at a good price. In addition, they have a very efficient shipment process !
bulletCamera leather JJJ
You want to offer a new leather suit to your prefered camera ? No problem, Camera Leather is THE solution. This US site offers pre-cut leather skins for classic and contemporary cameras. The range of supported cameras is very large as the variety of proposed leather skins.
However, be careful to no commit an error of taste when offering a red lezard skin to your old Leica IIIa...
The pre-cut leather skins fit perfectly with the camera bodies, including all known variants (contact the
boss - Morgan Sparks). This one will always answer (in english) your questions.

bulletWatson Prints JJJ
This website showcases the artistry of Alfred Watson, whose black and white images of the Great Depression, World War II and the Industrial Age received numerous awards during his lifetime. Thanks to his daugther Carol for giving us the chance to discover the work of her father.
bulletThe Daguerrian Society JJJ
The outstanding web site of the American Daguerrian Society. A true on-line encyclopedia dedicated to these famous old pictures and one of the biggest database of dags.
bullet Denis Waters Fine Daguerreotypes JJ
If you like Daguerreotypes or Ambrotypes, the web site is a must. Denis always provides great description of each dag and the quality of his picture scans is simply outstanding. A lot of advises to date or restore a dag.
bulletThe collection of antique photographies from Yves Lebrec
Some lucky person have the chance to share work and passion. That is the case of Yves Lebrec who is the curator of the photographic library of the Catholic Institute of Paris. So, antique photographies... he knows a thing or two about it ! His web site shows a large collection of old postcards and CDVs from Normandy as well as several photographers from this part of France.


bulletAntique Kodak cameras J
Fully dedicated to Kodak cameras, the website of Jos Erdkamp is a reference on that topic. A lot of great photographies but also some short films (see section "Elements in motion") in which you can see how the old cameras work. The are very informative and quite unique on the internet.
bullet Matériels & Accessoires O.P.L.-FOCA JJ
The reference Web site regarding the cameras FOCA. Do not spend your time looking for something more accurate, this one is simply the best.
bullet Collection-Argentique  JJ
Gérard has the passion of old camera since he is a young boy. He needs to go above the simple technical knowledge of a camera and he always try to learn about it history and the one of its manufacturer. A lot of informations and references on this web site, which is enriched by texts proposed by other camera's collectors.
bullet Soviet cameras web site
Jean-Marc Burtscher
was one of those who were dreaming of a Leica when they were fiveteen but finally got a Zenith.  This kean photographer still uses these soviet old-fashioned cameras to produce great pictures.
bullet Association de Photographes Néocalotypiste
To determine how old is your camera from its serial number and to learn everything about the "Néocalotypistes".
bulletNikon Passion
About Nikon cameras, includes interesting sections "collection" and "historical".
bulletThe Classic Camera
A Web site made by Japanese amateurs of classic cameras. Very documented and well done.
bullet35mm compact
Collection of compact and telemeter cameras from the 70's : descriptions, specifications, a ot of advices, photos...
bulletThe André Bessot's camera collection
A collection of cameras from 1878 to 2004. This collection is evolving according to the opportunities... In addition, André is a talented photographer. His photos are superb.
bulletCollection d'appareils stéréoscopiques
Michel is collecting vintage cameras of any types since 30 years. Have a look on his great stereoscopique cameras and also the other information he is presenting.
bullet Craig's camera Home page & Craig's Daguerreian Registry
The two web sites of John S. Craig. Can not be ignored by who is looking for the original manual of an old camera or the exact address of a daguerrotypist who was living in 1858 at Leavenworth, Indiana... Impressive !
bulletHistory of the photography
Some people are making boat models, others like Åke Hultman prefer reproduce antic cameras. You must visit the site of this swedish guy who has gold in his hand. Åke has also a great collection of Daguerreotypes, Ambrotypes, Tintypes as well as an important documentation and some unusual objects (Website in Swedish and English).
bulletHistoric Camera
The first resource for Antique Camera and Photography Collectors.
Free-content encyclopedia of camera information, a repository of information about all still camera brands and models.  J
Source of blog posts, articles, books, and videos about photography. Clear, varied and well documented.

bulletStéphanie Martin photo JJJ
Stéphanie is just perfect! She is a nice person, pretty, intelligent and on the top of that, she is a true artist only interested by the emotion resulting from the moment she creates something. Her watercolors and her photos are decorating the walls of our house for our greatest pleasure. Discover here her photos and come back again as she deserves to be cheered. 
bulletMarie-Louise Bernard JJJ
I don't know how many countries Marie-Louise is visiting each year but I'm pretty sure she is a "platinum" frequent flyer. From all these trips, she brings back incredible photos, full of this artistic sensibility that only true travellers have.
bulletL'Oeil photographique by Didier Grouard JJJ
Philanthropist (Cf. Orphans of Bouaké), having a hearty appetite (well... maybe less since he is on diet), True lover of vintage cameras and dags, learned person but above all... Didier has THE Photographic Eye ! Visit his web site, Didier's photos are really outstanding !
bulletEyeris Photography JJ
I love wedding photos, especially those showing the backstage of the ceremony with these little moments of stolen intimity, kindness and emotion.
I don't know if Sarah looks like her brother Dan who is so kind, but she is really a great photographer who knows exactly how to capture precious moments.
bulletMatt Denton Photography
The site of Matt Denton, an American photographer, master of the black & white art  who is also an amateur of classical cameras. Information he gives is very complete. A great web site with superb photographs.
bulletGalerie Photo
The French site of the high resolution. For those who read French, this web site will offer much more than the traditionnal gallery. It contains numerous articles which will fulfill professional or amateur photographers.


bulletOld jobs Museum Charles Peyre
In an unknown part of the suburb of Paris, you must visit this incredible museum celebrating ancient jobs. With a lot of kindness, the members of the Old Montfermeil Society will drive you through their XVIII's century mansion which hosts more than 6000 old objets. Their explanations will drive you to the past. An unforgettable moment !
Musée du Travail Charles Peyre - 1 rue de l'Eglise - 93370 Montfermeil (open wednesday, friday, saturday and sunday - from 2:30pm to 5:30 pm.
bulletGérard Glatigny - Piano
I have two favorit pianists, Diana Krall and... Gérard Glatigny.
bulletOrphelins Sida International - Orphans of Bouaké JJ
Because there are some situations which can not let you unconcerned.

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