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Did you know that objects have a memory ?

With their wear and tear, because of their out-of-date forms or their forgotten uses, they take us back to the past. Among all these objects, there is a category for which this assumption is particularly true : the old cameras. 

When I look at my old stereo camera, I imagine that it may have been on board one of those old biplanes that flew over the horror of the Verdun's trenchs to capture, between salvos, the images of the enemy's fortifications.

Then, I look at the old leather covering with the repect we give war veterans...

These old cameras give us the opportunity to better evaluate the progress - but also sometimes the decline - provided by the modernization.

Since cameras have become disposable, it seems we forget that a century ago they were avant-garde and elitist objects.

So, whatever your decision, whether to restore it or simply to exhibit it as it is, it is essential to keep one's mind open and try to capture the story it wants to tell you.


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