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When old objects are in the throes of time, a true collector will be reluctant to proceed with any restoration or repairing which may alter or damage this object in an irreversible way.

Nevertheless, it may arrive that an intervention is essential. It can be for repairing an out-of-order camera or rebuild it. It can be also an absolutely needed operation to ensure the preservation of a photography.

In advance, author declines all responsabilities for eventual damages which may result from application of the hereunder methods. These ones are given for information only and without guarantee regarding the possible results.



Changing the cover glass of a daguerreotype
Taking apart, dusting, replacing glass, sealing.

© 2008 Vieil Album

The mystery of the blue dag

Why some daguerreotypes have this blue dominance all over their surface ?

© 2008 Vieil Album

Restoring an Ambrotype

Taking apart, dusting, replacing glass, changing the background, sealing.

       Under construction

© 2008 Vieil Album

Cleaning and varnishing a wooden photographic chamber
Cleaning the wooden body, French polish.

       Under construction

© 2008 Vieil Album


This section is open to anyone having good experience in restoring old photographic objects. Feel free to contact me in order to share your knowledge and I will enrich this table in your name.
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