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GOLDSTEIN - Metabox GOLDY (c. 1955)

Box Cameras

The second world war just finished when the company GOLDSTEIN is created in the 10th district of Paris (France) to produce cameras.

The production starts in 1945 with the series GOLDY.  The first models of GOLDY cameras are the Box GOLDY in paperwork (Due to the restriction of raw materials).
Then appears a series of cameras made of stamped metal. The Metal Fotobox was the first one in 1950 followed by the Metabox GOLDY circa 1955. 

Unquestionably, this last one is the most sophisticated of the series. Solid and made with a great care, it can be used indifferently with 120 or 620 rollfilms.

The first versions of Metabox GOLDY do not have handle. They also have a different serigraphy and a folding viewfinder. Later, this viewfinder will be replaced with a Galilean viewfinder surmounted with a solid plastic handle. The front serigraphy will be also modified.

This camera is equipped with an aplanatique lens Stigmar and a shutter offering two speeds : Instantaneous and Pause B.
The film advance is coupled with the rewind; this totally excludes the risk of a double exposure.

A tab located on the right side of the camera allows to select one of the two possible apertures or a yellow filter.
But the first commercial argument at this time was the fact this small box camera had two spaces within its internal compartment in order to secure two spare films.

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