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Box Cameras

Metal Fotobox Goldy - c.1950

People say this camera is extremely rare... so, imagine my surprise when I saw my preferred vintage camera's vendor (*) fill the space left empty by the Fotobox GOLDY I just bought with... another Fotobox !

Precursor of the Metabox GOLDY, the Fotobox had a very short career. Its trapezoid body has not a good rigidness. Its edges are sharp, not very well adjusted and with a poor finish. The market sentence is immediate, customers are reluctant to buy the Fotobox and GOLDSTEIN stops soon the manufacturing of this camera.

The Fotobox uses a film 620 producing negatives of format 6x9 cm. The film advance is coupled with the rewind mechanism. Two shutter speeds are available: Instantaneous and Pause B.

The camera is equipped with a large folding viewfinder. The lens is an aplanatique lens Stigmar Fluore.

If the camera is rare, what can we say about its commercial packaging ? I had the chance to buy mine with its original one.



(*) Jean-Robert Wurth (

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