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EASTMAN KODAK Co - Six-16 Brownie Junior (1934 - 1942)

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Six-16 Brownie Junior - Art deco face

Same front face, same color, same designation... The Kodak Six-16 Brownie Junior is in the same vein as its eponymous brother : the Six-20 Brownie Junior.

Even bigger than this last one, the Six-16 Brownie Junior has exactly the same technical characteristics. It is equiped with a meniscus lens and a rotary shutter.

The only difference is the use of a 616 film which allows bigger negatives than with a 620 film.

The Six-16 Brownie Junior will have (like the Six-20) a variant with an embossed black face, also inspired from the Art-Déco period. Both variants are covered with black leatherette.

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