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EASTMAN KODAK Co - Six-20 Brownie Junior (1934 - 1942)

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Six-20 Brownie Junior (front face Art-Déco)
without mention                                                  With mention
"Six-20 Brownie Junior"                                     "Six-20 Brownie Junior"

Six-20 Brownie Junior (Black front face)


With this Six-20 Brownie Junior, Kodak remains faithful to the principles which made the success of Brownies but it improves the way this camera is manufactured. The paperboard remains the main component but metal (almost) replaced wood for the body.

This camera manufactured in US has been proposed with two different front faces :


Black front face.

bulletArt-deco front face.

Two variants exist of this Art-Deco front face : with and without mention "Six-20 Brownie Junior".

No diaphragm on this simple camera. The aperture, which consists of two holes,  is selected by pulling a tab on top of the camera (like for the Brownie N°2).

Another tab to the right of the aperture tab is used to lock the shutter open for long exposures. The framing is done using one of the two reflex viewfinders.

To open this camera is like trying to find the secret of a chinese mystery box!... You must first pull on the film advance key then, pull up the button to which the handle is attached. The back will then slide out and you may load the 620 film.

User manual for "Brownies" Juniors Six-16 & Six-20
Thanks to Annie for this document !

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