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ANSCO - Shur-Flash (1953)

Box Cameras

Ansco Shur-Flash - 1953

Because of Hannibla W.Goodwin, who is the first to have the idea to cover a transparent celluloid film with a gelatino-bromide emulsion, the family Anthony realizes how they can make money with the patent for a transparent film they acquired in 1842.

In 1901 this family moves to Ó Binghamton, NY and creates the company Ansco Photoproducts, Inc. In May 1928, this enterprise is bought by the German Group AGFA and is renamed in Agfa-Ansco Corp. Then in 1939, it becomes General Aniline & Film Corp.

In 1940, the US government takes the control of this company and renames it back to Ansco Inc. As most of the companies
producing photographic films, Ansco Inc decides to produce also  cameras.

The Shur-Flash appears in 1953. It is a classical box made in paperwork and covered with a black leather. Its front side is decorated with a superb stainless-steel plate.

On the top of the camera is fixed a handle. The rivet fixing the handle is also used to mount a bulb flash. The synchro-flash is made by the two contact pins located on each side of the handle.

The camera uses a format 120 rollfilm. The lens is equipped of a guillotine shutter. The shutter release is located on the right hand side, close to the long tube used as viewfinder. I bought $6.25 USD for this camerea in mint condition in an antics shop of Somerville, New Jersey.

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