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ROYER - Royflex II (1952-1953)

Reflex Bi-Lens

RoyFlex II (1952-1953)

Immediate post-war period was convenient for companies specialized in the optical industry. René Royer, a former mechanical engineer, created in 1947 the Société Industrielle de Technique Optique (SITO). Already In 1948, he produces a high-quality folding camera.

In 1952, he acquired from Photorex the mould of the Rex reflex and starts to produce the cameras which will become the Royflex series.


The Royflex II is an evolution of the Royflex I and I bis and is introducing the Royflex III.


The main differences are the following:



The view lens Flor-Som-Berthiot 1:3,5 - f=75 mm, is remplacing the Berthiot 1:4,5 which was available on the model I bis.



Performances of the Royer Synchromat shutter have been improved to reach 1/350s. It is also equiped with a pause B and the self-timer.



Two flash contacts are located on the front panel: the first one (F) is synchronized with a 5 milliseconds delay to allow using magnesium bulbs. The second ( X) allows electronic flash to be synchronized at any shutter speed.


As all cameras of the Royflex serie, its body is in cast-iron covered with black leather. This camera is using film 120 giving negatives with a 6 x 6 cm format. The film advance is ensured by a button located on the top right of the camera and watching the view's number appearing in the window on its back.

The serial number is engraved on the bottom right of the front side.

Caution :
Quite often, a confusion exists between this camera and its twin brother : the Royflex Standard. They seem very similar however, these two cameras belong to two different generations of Royflex. The Standard version is equipped with the "Telelight" viewfinder which is in 1954, at the origin of the entire remodeling of the Royflex range. So there are two generations of Royflex :
First serie (before 1954)
bulletRoyflex I (lens berthiot 1:4,5 f=75mm - speeds from 1/25s to 1/150s)
bulletRoyflex I bis (lens Flor berthiot 1:3,5 f=75mm - speeds from 1/10s to 1/300s)
bulletRoyflex II (lens Flor berthiot 1:3,5 f=75mm - speeds from 1s to 1/350s)
bullet Royfley III (same as Royflex II with winding-on and film advance coupled)
Série with Telelight (after 1954)
bulletRoyflex Standard (lens berthiot proposed in 1:3,5 or 4,5 and f=75mm)

Royfley 20 (lens Flor berthiot 1:3,5 f=75mm - speeds from 1s to 1/300s)
Winding-on and film advance are not coupled.

bulletRoyfley III Automatique (same as Royflex III)

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