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MEOPTA - Mikroma (1949 - 1957)

Manufacturing of the Mikroma by the Czech company Meopta started at the end of the World War 2 . This small camera is in fact the civil successor of the version named Mikronette and produced for the army.

Who says "micro-camera" says "micro-film". The Mikroma uses a 16mm film with a punched single hole. The rollfilms are located in two small tanks. This film is giving negative film of 11x14mm format.

Except its small size, what is most surprizing is the lack of shutter release button. In fact, this one is coupled with the film advance mechanism.
When the film advance lever is operated onto the right hand side, this rearms the shutter. When moving back onto the left hand side, this is releasing the shutter. Not very userfriendly...

Later on, this double function has been abandoned and the Mikroma has been equipped with a shutter release button. The shutter has the following speeds (Pause B, 1/25, 1/50, 1/100 et 1/200 sec). The lens is a Meopta Mirar f=3.5/20mm.
This camera was offered in different suits : Black-Aluminium, Full black, Full black (Police version), Black-Brown, Black-Gold, Black-Green.

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