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FEX - Elite 2nd generation (1959)

Bakelite cameras
The FEX Elite pursues the design improvements initiated with the FEX 4.5. From this last one; it uses the same body as well as the poor grey paint. The serie FEX Elite has been produced in a variety of five models distributed on two generations. The three models of the first generation are mono-format.

FEX Elite (2nd generation - 1st variant) - 1959

FEX Elite (2nd generation - 2nd variant) - 1960

With the second generation, the FEX Elite becomes bi-format (6 x6 cm and 6 x 9 cm) but its optical characteristics do not change.

The model aside is the last evolution which appeared in 1959. It can be identified because of its shutter release which is now located on the top of the camera and no more on the shutter.

The meniscus lens Tourret-Narat and the shutter are identical to those which equip the Ultra-Fex series.The main characteristics of this camera are :

bulletThree speeds : 1/25 sec, 1/100 sec and Pause P.
bulletTwo apertures labelled "Normal" and "Intense".
This camera is equipped with the security system which locks the shutter release as long as the lens is not in position (see the picture aside).

This special system is present only onto the last versions of the Ultra-FEX.

Because of its Bi-Format capability, two flaps are present on both sides of the lens. They had to be positioned when using a 6 x 6 format film.

Circa 1960, this camera receives some slight modifications : disappearance of the holes for loop, larger viewfinder, new range of shutter speeds : 1/25 sec, 1/50 sec et 1/100 sec.



The FEX Elite 2nd generation - 2nd variant has been saved in extremis from the trash by a friend of mine who had the good idea to ask me about it. This camera was in his wife's family and shooted the Communion of his father-in-law.

Thanks to Arnaud & Julie for this camera which enriched my collection but also will always remember me a great weekend.

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