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FEX - Fex 4.5 - 1st version (1956)

Bakelite cameras
The Fex 4.5 is a milestone in the Fritz Kaftanski's production. If the paternity of the Ultra-FEX is undeniable, the top of the camera shows a significant improvement. The grey paint (not a top quality one) just appears but it is the optical part which has made the most significant progress.
The concept of the retractable shutter is maintained but the lens itself becomes more sophisticated. It is a Tourret-Narat f=45mm labeled Color-Fexar.

To be pointed, this front lens is protected with a blue filter which can be dismounted.

Rotating the ring supporting this filter allows to adjust the distance to the subject in a range between 1m to the infinite.

The shutter ATOS gives 6 speeds : 1/25sec, 1/50sec, 1/100sec, 1/150sec, 1/250sec and a pause B. 

Like the Fex Elite, the Fex 4.5 is bi-format. It gives negatives of a format of 6 x 6 cm and 6 x 9 cm.

In this first version of the Fex 4.5 the two internal flaps are folding and covered with black felt. They had to be used when using a format 6 x 6 cm rollfilm.

In the next releases of the Fex 4.5, these flaps will become accessible from the exterior of the camera.

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