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LUMIERE - Eljy (1944 / 1945 - 1947)

The two brothers Lumière are well known for their involvement in cinema movies but they were also deeply involved in photography. In 1911, they initiate a partnership with the company Jougla in order to manufacture photo cameras.

Eljy (1944)

Eljy (1945 - 1947)

In 1937, the company Lumière produces the Eljy model.

Having a very small size (8 x 5 cm), it uses a special film of a 24x36 format which is allowing 8 photos. The film is mounted on a paper sheet.

The shutter speed range can be used to identify the different generations of Eljy.

Dans sa version sortie en 1944, le Eljy est équipé d'un objectif Anastigmat Lypar 1:3,5   f=40mm monté sur un tube rentrant dans le boîtier.
L'obturateur Lumière miniaturisé autorise les vitesses allant de 1/10 sec à 1/150 sec. Il est équipé d'une pose B et T.

The 1944 model is equipped with a lens Anastigmat Lypar 1:3,5 f=40mm attached to a optical pipe which can be retracted into the camera body.
The miniaturized shutter Lumière allows a speed range from 1/10 to 1/150 sec and pose B and T.

The model produced from 1945 to 1947 still uses the same lens Anastigmat Lypar but its shutter has a maximum speed of 1/200 sec.

The quality of this lens is exceptional; it allows perfect close-up. Nevertheless, this functionality was requesting to use a flexible shutter release in order to avoid vibrations. The focus can be adjusted in a range of 50 cm to the infinite by rotating the lens.

None of these two models is synchronized.

From a technological standpoint, this camera was really in advance for its epoch and was a real success with amateurs and professional photographers.

This model has been improved in 1951 in a more sophisticated model : the Eljy-Club equipped with a lightmeter.
despite of all these qualities, the production of the Eljy series will be definitively stopped during the years 1955-57. This was due to the fact the specific film format was not enough distributed and because of the progresses made by other competitors for this type of camera.

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