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LUMIERE - Eljy Club type 2 (1954)


Eljy Club type 2 (1954)

Starting 1951, the Lumière Company produced the successor of the Eljy, so named Eljy Club. This one will remain on the market until 1960.

From its eldest brother Eljy, it kept : the small dimensions, the un-punched 24 x 36 film format and the famous lens Anastigmat Lypar 1:3,5   f=40mm. For the other parts, this camera has nothing to see with predecessor.

The aluminium has replaced sheet metal for the body of the Eljy Club. The viewfinder is now integrated in a chromium-plated aluminum frame.

The shutter is an ATOS 2 which can reach the speed of 1/300 sec.
This camera is equipped of an optical posemeter LUMIPOSE which allows to set the appropriate aperture according to the selected speed. Warning, the use of the LUMIPOSE requires small fingers...

But the most clever improvement introduced by the Eljy Club type 2 model, appears only in 1954. This one is not the fact of the engineers of the Lumière Company but from a French policeman, based in Sidi-Bel-Abbes (Algeria), Jean KRAUSSE. This man invented an ingenious views-counter for the Eljy Club camera.
For more explanations on this anecdote, see the very interesting web page of Gérard Langlois (Improvement of the Elgy Club by Jean Krausse).

This small camera was sold in different suits : black, green, yellow, garnet, white, red, blue and also in a more sophisticated finish of crocodile leather.

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