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KODAK Ltd - Brownie Model I (1957 - 1959)

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Kodak Ltd - Brownie Model I (1957-1959)

The Brownie Model 1 has nothing to do with N░1 Brownie (true ancestor of the Kodak's brownies .

This format 620 camera was manufactured in England from 1957 to 1959.
It looks like a Brownie Six-20 model C: same size, similar ergonomics, identical materials...
Only visible difference, the design of the front is much more muted on this Brownie Model 1.

The lenses are from Kodak and are fixed focus. It was possible to add a front lens "Kodisk" N░ 370 for close-up photographs.

The rotary shutter allows two speeds : "I" (instantaneous) and "B" (bulb).

I paid 4 euros for this camera in a secondhand trade in September 2002. It was in an exceptional state (almost like brand new). In addition, I've got its leather bag and its instruction manual.

This camera seems to have had a European career more than an international one. It doesn't appear often in the US collections. Its value in US may vary between $12 to $60 according to its condition.

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