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KRASNOGORSK - Zenit TTL (1977 - 1985)

Reflex Mono-Lens
Don't worry if you let your Zenit TTL fall down, no risk it's a solid one !

This camera produced in soviet union from 1977 to 1985 has been made robust.
It's heavy, noisy and vibrating... but it takes pictures. (Well... don't try macro-photography if possible !)

The model of my collection is equiped with a Helios-44M  1:2  f=58 mm lens.

1.632.212 cameras of this type have been produced and a large proportion was exported, especially in France and United-Kingdom. It was offered in two designs : all black or black body and chromed top.

From 1983, a brighter viewfinder is installed. 

Several lens were offered with the Zenit TTL. These screwing lens are from Helios ou Industar. The quality of the soviet lens differs from the manufacturer. The ones made at Kiev are the best because this factory was working for the army. Industars' lens are cheaper than the Helios' ones and of a better quality.

Even if very far from the standards imposed by the other competitors, this camera was offering a good alternative for those who wanted to start making pictures at a low cost.

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