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EASTMAN KODAK - Stereo Kodak Model 1 (1917-1925)

Kodak has made only four cameras for stereo photography. All fo them were using rollfilms.
bullet1901 - 1905  N░2 Stereo-Kodak (approximatively 2500 units produced)
bullet1917 - 1913  Stereo hawk-eye models 3, 4, 5 and 6.
bullet1917 - 1925  Stereo Kodak model 1
bullet1954 - 1959  Kodak stereo Camera

For information, the Stereo Hawk-eye has been initially designed by the Boston Company which was absorbed by Kodak in 1907. The Stereo Hawk-eye remained on the Kodak's catalog until 1913.

Stereo Kodak Model 1 (1919-1925) with Ball Bearing shutter

The total number of Stereo Kodak model 1 produced remains unknown but the fact is, that it is today a quite rare camera.

The first models made in 1917-1918 were equiped with a Stereo Automatic shutter. Starting 1919 until the stop of its production in 1925, it will be equiped with a Ball Bearing shutter.

The shutter allows speeds in a range of 1/25 to 1/100 of second.

The lenses, equiped with an iris, always remained the Kodak anastigmat. Their focal distance was 130mm and their aperture 1:7,7.

This camera was also equiped with a viewfinder with mirror. This one was normally located onto the flap supporting the lenses. Unfortunately, this one has disapeared.

It is never say enough that it is USELESS to force a camera which does not want to close itself. This is the drama of the folding cameras. How many such cameras I saw literally massacred by people who have no clue how to proceed. 
This rare Stereo Kodak Model 1 has been very close to be living such a sad experience and to be irreparably destroyed. The sliding support of the shutter/lenses block is very fragile and a wrong handling can destroy it. One of legs which was holding the flap, has been destroyed. Considering the thickness of this part, it seems obvious that one of the former owners of this camera was a very rough man...

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