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JEAN ROCHE - Rox (1948)

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Rox (1948)

Jean Roche was a small stamping craftsmen, located in Villeurbanne near Lyon (France). In 1948, he tries a diversification by designing and producing two models of cameras : the Rox and the Allox.

The one presented here is a Rox. The body of the camera is a 6 x 9 format made in a sheet steel. It is topped by the cage of the viewfinder made of polished aluminium. This one is surrounded by two buttons, one is used form film advance.

The general design of this camera is a nit massive but finally it looks very modern. This camera was proposed with two different types of lens:


Aplanat ROXA f=105mm / f :8


Trylor ROUSSEL f=105mm / f :4.5

For the shutter, only one choice: a Gitzo offering a range of speeds from 1/25 sec to 1/200 sec. Usually, the front face of this shutter should be labeled “ROX” which is not the case of the camera presented here.

The lens and its shutter are mounted at the end of a aluminium pipe which comes through the camera body when this one is not used. To take a snapshot, operator has to pull to the end the couple lens/shutter out of the camera body. Then, a small rotation of 3 or 4° on the left hand side, will lock its position.

The adventure stops quickly.  Less than 500 exemplaires of the Rox will be produced and all will be sold in the Lyon region. As a consequence, these two models are quite rare.

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