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FRANKE & HEIDECKE - Rolleicord 1, nickel-plated (1933 - 1936)

Reflex Bi-Lens

Rolleicord 1 - Nickel-Plated
(Lens Triotar 1:4,5  f=75mm)

Facing the success of their Rolleiflex original camera, Franke & Heidecke decide to develop a low cost range of 6x6 cameras with reflex viewfinder. It is done in 1933 with the production of the Rolleicord range which remained until 1977.

The first model of this long series was the Rolleicord 1 nickel-plated. At that time, the sober forms of the Bauhaus did not yet supplanted the Art-Déco design. As an evidence of this, the thin nickel plate which decorates of a trompe-l'oeil grid all the faces of this camera.

Having the same size as the Rolleiflex Original, the Rolleicord does not have a handle but a knob used to ensure film advance.

Its optical characteristics are less performing than its brother as its lens is a  Triotar 1:4,5 f=75mm (3 lenses).
The shutter is a Compur giving speeds from 1 sec to 1/500 sec, B, T but no synchro.

A table, located on the camera's back is giving the exposure guide and depth-of-field scale. Serial numbers for this camera are from 1.460.000 to 1.760.000.

Later, the Rolleicord 1 's series has been completed with additional models:

bulletIn 1934, a version covered with black leather and equiped with a lens Triotar 3,8  f=75mm.
bulletIn 1936, a version named "1a" covered with black leather and equiped again with the lens Triotar 1:4,5 f=75mm.

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