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ASAHI PENTAX - Pentax Auto 110 super (1979-1983)

Unique micro-camera of the range Pentax, the model Pentax Auto 110 Super  appeared in 1983. It was an evolution of the model Pentax Auto 110 which was introduced on the market in 1978. This small camera of a weight of 180 gr is impressive.

Selecting the speed and the aperture is a totally automated process managed by a TTL cell. This is possible in a range from 1/400 sec at f/18 to 1 sec at f/2.8 (given for a sensibility of 100 ASA).
Very easy to use, the results are simply outstanding even in very difficult situations.

The viewfinder is very bright and display 87% of the image.

This small camera has a large range of lenses that can be adapted :

bullet 18mm (f2.8)
bullet 18mm pan-focus
bullet 24mm (f2.8)
bullet 50mm (f2.8)
bullet 70mm (f2.8)
bullet 20-40mm zoom (f2.8)

It can be also equipped with a Winder II Auto.

It uses a format 110 film which gives a negative film of 13 x 17mm. When this camera appeared onto the market, this format was already on the wane. This small gem had a very short commercial life. No more than 70000 of these cameras have been sold (110 et 110 super models confounded).

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