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PATHE FRERES - Pathéorama & Lantern "Cocorico" (c.1923)


Lantern "Cocorico" (equiped with the Pathéorama viewer)

The Pathéorama is a small filmstrip viewer for 35 mm film. The body exists in black or colored enamel metal or in bakelite.

Pathéorama (bakelite version)

The filmstrip, not mounted on a roll, is positioned directly into the compartment of the Pathéorama. Film advance is done manually by turning a rubber wheel.
The still images are visible through a magnifying eyepiece which is itself facing a frosted glass.

Considering the incredible success of the Pathéorama and in order to continue to develop the production of small 35mm filmstrips (more than 350 films Pathéorama have been marketed), the Pathé Company had the great idea to invent this small lantern "Cocorico" in which the Pathéorama can be positioned. The source of light was an electric bulb. See the wooden electric plug which had to be adapted to an electric socket.

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