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Continsouza Constructeur - Pathé-Baby (1922)


Charles Pathé can be compared to the brothers Lumière. He has known how to popularize their great invention by inventing the family cinema.

He started first to market a range of robust, reliable equipment and at very low prices. During 1922 appeared the projector Pathé baby then in 1923 the Pathé Camera. They were followed by many accessories for "Pathé baby" like the engine or the large capacity reel (100 m).

He also supports the production of small films. In 1931, the catalogue Pathé Cinéma 9,5 mm proposes more than 4100 films.

Lastly, he gave to his company an incredible infrastructure ensuring its development and increase.

My Pathé-baby is a standard model F. It is been driven by a standard ROTOR engine B and has the option large capacity reels.

I received this projector as a gift from the uncle of my wife during our honeymoon in Norway. Born in the French Ardennes, this uncle had fallen in love with the Norwegian Fjords in 1945 and he decided to leave in this country. He had carried there his projector Pathé baby which it had since his childhood.

Interesting to note that export out of France of this projector was rigorously prohibited. This interdict was recalled on a medal Pathé baby which is decorating the front of the bulb chamber.

Thereafter, I bought a Pathé Camera and some Pathé films.

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