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OLYMPUS - OM-10FC (1982)

Reflex Mono-Lens

Olympus OM-10 FC with Zuiko 1:1,8 f=50mm lens

The olympus OM-10 is the first camera of the serie OM with 2 digits.

With this serie, the aim of the famous nippon company is to offer an entry level consumer or amateur grade body but quite equivalent to the professional versions initiated with OM-1 and OM-2.

The olympus OM-10 is a simplified version of the OM-2. It is equiped, as its oldest brother, of a fully automated exposure mode (speed and aperture).

The olympus OM-10FC is identical but it offers in addition the possibility to switch to a manual mode for speed (from 1s to 1/1000░s). This characteristic was not available on the regular OM-10.
I have had the incredible chance to discover this great camera in a flea-market, in the middle of the afternoon. It costed me 20 euros for a camera in an absolute pristine condition. This is the prove that it is not always required to wake-up at 4:00am to make a good deal !

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