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During the Summer 2013, During the Summer 2013, I had the chance to participate to a workshop introducing the wet collodion process. This workshop was proposed by the Centre IRIS in Paris and led by one of the greatest experts in that domain : the photographer Jacques Cousin.

Until now, my only connection with the reality of all these ancient photographic processes was my personal collection of pictures. This workshop gave me the possibility to discover the alchemy of this ancient process, to practice it while receiving all the thoughtful advices from Jacques. It was a pure delight ! I do confess that when I saw an image appearing on my very first wet-plate, I had the same emotion than 35 years ago when I obtained my first argentic printing.

If you reach that page because you love early photographic processes, follow my advices : contact Jacques and register for the next session of workshop ! You will never regret it.


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