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TOZY Paul Vaillant - Mexicain (c.1905)

Why this designation of "Mexican" ?
The peak of the stereoscopic photography occured between 1860 and 1870. At that time, an intense production of the stereo cards exists inducing a large diffusion of these views.

Images were printed on salt paper, albumin paper or glass plate. Paper prints were very thin and had to be sticked on cardboard.

Sold at a very low cost, this type of stereoviewer was very common.

With this type of stereoviewer it was also possible to view stereoscopic images on glass plates like this one.

Obtaining this image required to produce a contact copy of the original negative glass plate... but the result was great !

This mexican, model TOZY, was marketed by Paul Vaillant - 207 avenue Daumesnil in Paris (Phone. 941-88). This dealer has another address - 29 Surène street in Paris (Phone 326-77).

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