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LOMO - Lubitel 166B (1980 - 1985)

Reflex Bi-Lens

In which category can we assign the Lubitel 166B : "Bakelite camera " or "bi-lenses reflex" ?


Its body is made of a material which would rather make tilt to the first category but, it is indeed to the category of 6x6 bi-lenses reflex that belongs this small Soviet camera.
Caution, it does not mean that it can be possible to compare its performances to those of a Rolleiflex but they have some characteristics in common and firstly... the format.

Lubitel 166B is in fact a simplified evolution of the model 166 which is itself nothing else than a Lubitel 2 with a plastic body.

The two lenses, which are coupled together, have the following characteristics :

bullet 1:2,8 - f=60 mm (view lens)
bullet LOMO T-22  1:4,5 - f=75 mm (optical lens)

The shutter has a synchro flash and offer a range of speeds from 1/15sec to 1/250sec and pause B.

The LOMO company (formerly GOMZ) exists since 1914 and produces a large range of optical devices including endoscopes and night vision equipments. At the time of the cold war, GOMZ worked for the army and the Soviet spatial programs. This company is located in Saint Petersbourg and it also has a site in Illinois, United States.

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