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EASTMAN KODAK - Pocket Kodak - Model 1895 (1895-1900)

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Kodak Pocket - Model 1895

With its measurements of 3 x 2 1/4 x 4", this little camera can be put into the pocket of a coat or the handbag of an elegant. This probably explains it designation of Pocket Kodak.
The Kodak Company exists since just 7 years when this tiny camera is introduced on the market.
It uses the new film 102 specialy created by Kodak and producing 1 1/2 x 2 " negatives.

The first model of Pocket Kodak, produced from July 1895 to June 1896, is easily identifiable due to its round viewfinder and using a sector shutter. Some lucky people (isn't it Didier ?) have found a special version of this first model covered with red leather. Just superb !!!

Four variants of this first model occured during the first year:
bulletFelt film guides, plain metal flaps on roll compartments, shutter attached to film carrier, then separated.
bulletFelt guides, printing on flaps

bulletRoller film guides, printed or plain flaps
bulletRoller film guides, shutter attached to film carrier.

Starting 1896, this box is equiped with a square viewfinder and a rotary shutter . All following models have two pulls, one for instant or time exposure, and one for aperture selection.  

According to Ralph & Bobbi London, no 1897 models are known.


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