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EASTMAN KODAK - Kodak Junior Six-20 (1935 - 1937)

Folding cameras

The designation Kodak Junior Six-20 is justified by the fact this camera uses format 620 Rollfilm. In reality, this camera is just a less sophisticated version of Kodak Six-20.

Year after year, the Junior version will be improved in three categories.


 1935 – 1937   Kodak Junior Six 20


 1937 – 1940   Kodak Junior Six 20 (series II)


 1938 – 1939   Kodak Junior Six 20 (series III)

The camera presented here belongs to th first series (1935~1937).

It is equipped with a lens Kodak Anastigmat 1:6,3  f=100mm but a variant has a Lens Doublet.

The shutter is a N°0 Kodon giving the following speeds : 1/25s, 1/50s and 1/100s as well as the pauses T and B.

Rotating the lens allows to adjust the distance to the subject. The framing is done like with any other type of folding camera : using the folding viewfinder on the left of the body camera, or using the rotating viewfinder attached to the shutter tray.

Several variants for the first series of camera have been produced. In addition to the different types of lens mentioned, it is possible to find this camera without leather hand or with a ridged leather skin.

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