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Jules Richard - Glyphoscope 6x13 (1927)


Jules Richard (1848 - 1930) was a great French engineer and an exceptional micro mechanic expert.
He is responsible for the development of many measurement systems of high precision like the Dynamometers, Speedometers,  Thermometers, Barometers which bear his name.

By the end of the 19th century, he started the production of cameras (Verascopes, Homeos, etc). Among those, the Jules Richard Glyphoscope became a great success.

The Glyphoscope is a stereoscopic camera using glass plates.
It has been marketed from 1904 until the beginning of the 30s' without no significant design changes.

This camera can be transformed into a stereo viewer by removing the shutter panel.

The model I have is a Glyphoscope 6x13, which is quite rare.
It is in very good shape, made of wood covered with black paper. Red velvet provides light tight seals for the plate insertion slot. The camera front is brushed, blue brass. It appears to have been made with great care and precisions.

Its characteristics are :


'Guillotine' shutter - 2 speeds (labeled P,I)

bulletAchromatic lens
bullet3 positions diaphragm : 0,1 and 2
bulletGlass-plate format 6x13 cm

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