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Warner Bros - "Fanny" (1960) 


Each time I say that I am married to a French actress who played in an American production, nobody wants to believe me.

First, that's unfair because she is quite pretty but secondly, she was really a French actress and maybe one of the youngest...

Her father's name was "Marchand". Nothing exceptional here except that my father-in-law, probably under the charm of a french actress of the 60's also named "Marchand", decided to give his daughter the same first name as this actress. So, she became "Corinne Marchand".

The patronym was found but the scenario still had to be written.

At this date, my father-in-law was close to the new art movements : Jazz, Cinema, etc... One of his friends who was musician, introduced my father-in-law-to-be to an American producer who was looking for a baby to appear in a movie he was making in France.

That's how, the one who 20 years later will become my better half, appeared aged 3 months, chubby and smiling, in the arms of Leslie Caron.

She was playing the role of Fanny's baby in the American remake of the famous chef-d'oeuvre of Marcel Pagnol (The original was made in 1936).

Produced in 1960, this remake received 5 Academy Awards . The casting was outstanding. In addition to my wife and Leslie Caron were also listed Maurice Chevalier, Charles Boyer and Horst Buchholz.

On the right is the payroll receipt she received for this performance. Dated of 13 July 1960, for a salary of 58,40 Frs.

The cinematographic career of my wife did not stop with this single performance. When she was 20 years old, she had the main role in an amateur film titled "Entre deux eaux". This movie was inspired by Frédéric Dard's detective novels.

In the casting of this movie, another young hero appeared in the role of the detective San Antonio... me ! (This was my sole experience...)

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