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HOUGHTON-BUTCHER Ltd - Ensign E29 (c.1930)

Box Cameras

The Ensign E29 is a small english box with two specificities :

The first one is obvious : it has a nice blue color (but it exists also in black...)

bulletThe second one is less visible; it uses a format 129 film.

This film, which produced a negative film of 5 x 8 cm, was quickly challenged by the Kodak film format 127 allowing 8 or 12 snapshots, depending of the camera used.
The format 129 was allowing no more than 6. Kodak stopped the production of the format 129 in January 1951.

The woody camera body is covered with a blue tissue which is embossed on the front and back sides. The designation of the camera "ENSIGN E29" appears on the front side, around the lens. On the back side, the name of the camera maker "Houghton-Butcher Ldt - London" is mentioned.

The shutter is rotative and offers two speeds : Pause T and "Instantaneous" (probably 1/25sec).


The horizontal or vertical framing is done using one of the two very small viewfinders located on the top and the right hand side of the camera. On the top is also fixed a solid handle.

No option offered except a special lens for portrait. This one is removable and can be attached in front of the regular lens by two small screws.

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