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VEB PENTACON - Contax F (1957)

Reflex Mono-Lens

VEB Pentacon was an East German camera maker resulting from the merger in 1964 of several companies, including Kamera Werke, Welta but also VEB Kinowerke Dresden (previously known as VEB Zeiss Ikon Dresden). 

In essence, a large part of the original know-how of VEB Pentacon came from the former VEB Zeiss Ikon Dresden employees.

Contax F (1957)

The Contax F is a single lens reflex (SLR) using a 35mm film. Its threaded interface gives it the possibility to use different models of lens, from 28 to 500 mm.

The model presented here is equipped with a Tessar lens 1:2.8 f=50mm.

The main characteristic of the Contax F lies in its reflex viewing system.
This one includes: the lens, the mirror, the pentagonal prism and the frosted glass where the image appears.

As for the many SLR of this period, the rise of the mirror masks the sight during a long enough time so that the photographer loses his sighting, resulting in badly centred or fuzzy photos.

The model F has a semi-automated diaphragm with pre-selection. Its shutter allows a range of speeds from 1 second to 1/1000 sec. It also has a synchro-flash and a self-timer.

The Contax F is a robust camera and well finished.

As evidence of that, see the little tiny retractable leg located at the bottom of the camera, just under the lens. This item will keep the camera in the right position, when using the self-timer

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