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KODAK - Brownie Twin 20 (1959 - 1964)

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The Brownie Twin 20 is one of those cameras for which the parts were built in US but then moved to France or United Kingdom to be assembled. Kodak did that with other cameras such as the Brownie Reflex 20, the Brownie Starmite and the Brownie Starflash. One exception was the Brownie Starlet which was manufactured by Kodak in UK for the US and French markets.

The Brownie Twin 20 looks like a boosted Brownie Starlet. The difference in size between the two cameras is resulting from the film formats used. The Brownie Twin 20 was using film 620 giving 2 ¼ x 2 ¼ inches negatives, while the Brownie Starlet was using film 127.

The Brownie Twin 20 is very similar to the Brownie Reflex 20. They both share the same trigger button and their bodies have almost the same design. The two cameras are equipped with a meniscus lens of f/11, a rotary shutter and a flash socket. The main difference between those two cameras stays in the viewfinders. The Brownie Twin 20 has two viewfinders. The first one has a direct sight similar to the one of the Brownie Starlet. A second one with a reflex sight, similar (but clearer) to those used by the box cameras.

A question remains regarding the added value for Kodak to commercialize at the same time two almost identical cameras. De facto, the Brownie Twin 20 and the Brownier Reflex 20 had a parallel career. For both, this one started in April 1959 and ended for the Brownie Twin 20, in September 1964.

I have found this camera in a junk shop located in the historical district of Edinburgh (Scotland). It was hidden in the middle of a jumble of vintage handbags and old vinyls from the Rubettes. I paid 20£ for it. It was a bit expensive but I have been immediatly attracted by its front face. It is not a common camera in France.

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