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ZEISS IKON - Box-Tengor 54/15 (1933 - 1938)

Box Cameras

Zeiss Ikon - Box Tengo 54.15 (1933-1938)

In 1926, the Goerz company merged with Ernemann, Contessa-Nettel and Ica to create the new Zeiss Ikon. The Boxes-Tengor models designed by Goerz continued to be produced under the Zeiss Ikon trademark and will give rise to the series 54 which will be marketed from 1934 to 1939.

This camera was available in four different formats :

bullet54 for film 120 (format 4.5x6 cm)
bullet54/2 for film 120 (format 6x9 cm)
bullet54/14 for film 129 (format 5x7.5 cm) - Thanks Altie !
bullet54/15 for film 116 (format 6.5x11 cm)

The camera of my collection is the third and final release of the Box-Tengor 54/15. It was manufactured starting 1934. Its front is decorated with a hexagonal metal plate which surrounds the lens. It is equipped with two reflex sights located on both sides of the front. The film advance key is located on the top of the right side.

The lens is a Goerz Frontar. Under the lens, a small lever allows 3 adjustments of the desired aperture opening (11, 16 or 22). On the top of the box, another lever allows adjustment for the distance to the subject (2-4m, 4-10m, 10-infinity).

The shutter release is located on the bottom right of the camera. When the time exposure   " T "  has to be used, this can be locked open.

I was very lucky to have found this camera with its user manual in french and with a yellow filter Zeiss Ikon N░ 989/2.  When using this filter, the exposure duration has to be increase by 3 times.

This camera is quite rare in this 6.5x11 cm format.

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