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ATOMS-REX - Atoflex I (1947)

Reflex Bi-Lens

When I say that I "badly turned", becoming a data processing specialist... In 1946, André Grande decided, with other engineers of the company REX located at St Etienne (France), to live of their passion and make photographic cameras.
Together they created the Association of Techniciens in Optical and Scientific Mechanics, known as the company ATOMS.

The Atoflex I is marketed in 1947. It is much more sophisticated than the Aiglon which was the first model of the range ATOMS, and was not really competitive.

The Atoflex I is equipped with a shutter Atos 2 and two lenses P.Angénieux

bullet Type Z5 - 1:3,3 - f=70 mm (viewfinder lens)
bullet Type U1 - 1:4,5 - f=75 mm (snapshot lens)
 Serial number : 170499

These two lenses are coupled together according to a principle developed by P. Angénieux himself.

The general quality of this camera is very good. ATOMS will work for many other camera makers, providing them with camera body and sometimes, entire cameras.

This camera has the serial number 875 and it uses 6 x 6 rollfilm. It has been offered to me by a friend of mine, it was the camera of his father who just passed away. The chamber still had a film but I did not dare to send the film to be developed.

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