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ARGUS Inc - Matchmatic Golden Shield (1958 - 1966)

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This Argus C3 Matchmatic is a Golden Shield.

It has been produced for the Golden Shield Corporation of Great Neck (NY). This company bought products made by other companies, badged them with their name and sold them through jewelry stores and other retail outlets. The Golden Shield Corporation was an affiliate of the Sylvania Company.

Argus C3 Golden Shield (1958-1966)

From a technical standpoint, it's a Matchmatic but what makes the difference with this last one is its Mylar skin giving it a futuristic style and its logo Golden Shield by Argus..

This Mylar skin has absolutely nothing metallic. It is a synthetic fiber invented by Dupont de Nemours for making sounding balloons and electronic printed circuits.

Like the Matchmatic, a Golden Shield must have its photoelectric cell fixed on the top of the camera using the dedicated slot.

This camera has been offered to me by Jean-Max for Christmas 2010 and I would like to thank him again for his kindness. Jean-Max is one of the oldest supporters of my web site. We never met face-to-face but we have regular exchanges. We both share the same passion of old cameras and we are on the same page regarding the need to protect our phographic heritage.

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