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EASTMAN KODAK - N░1A Folding Hawk-Eye model 1 (1908 - 1912)

Folding cameras

Kodak N░1A Folding Hawk-Eye - Model 1

Having the same horizontal-style than the early foldings Pocket Kodak, the N░1A Folding Hawk-Eye model 1 has been produced from 1908 to 1912.

The superb red bellows and the chromed parts of the shutter are strikingly evident.

The lens is a meniscus and the shutter is a pneumatic one (doubled with a mechanical trigger).

At this time, the front is not yet self-erecting. The bloc lens/shutter is guided in a chromed rail which is fixed on a basis made of varnished wooden.

Other combinaisons lens / shutter have been distributed :

bulletRR / Kodak Ball Bearing.
bulletZeiss-Kodak anastigmat / Compound
bulletTessar IIB / Compound

In 1913, Kodak introduces the model 2 which will be produced until 1915.

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