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GLASS PLATES : Gallery #6

Glass plates

This is a true illustrated report made during two years (1909 & 1910) by an official photographer duly appointed by the french army. The theme is joined infantry and artillery manoeuvres organized in the areas of Belfort and Vosges (East of France).
Each of these plates has been carefully dated, identified and referenced by the photographer. This one realized here an official work for the Army but he took advantage of this opportunity to realise some personal work as confirmed by the mention "Perso" (for "Personal") on some of the pictures.

Four years after these pictures have been shooted, all these men have been involved in the most incredible slaughter of the XX century : the WWI. More than 1.300.000 of these french soldiers have been killed.


France, Valdahon (Doubs), June 4th 1909

L11 - Valdahon



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