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Glass plates

Paul Julien Dubois is born on May 11th, 1885 in St Denis (France). His parents, Emile Dubois and Pauline Dufour are owning a hardware shop in Chelles, a small little town in the suburb of Paris.

Fascinated by photography, Paul starts to work for the ROL agency. In 1906, he joins the Infantry to proceed with his military service. His military file mentions the civil job of "Photo reporter".
In December 1914, he joins the Photography Department of the Army (SPA) and he is attached to the French Air Force as a photographer - observer

During all the WWI, Paul Dubois will be incorporated in different air squadrons including the famous C43 one. He was distinguished by his courage but also his ingenuity to develop special cameras used for aerial photography.

He went back to the civil photography after the war and worked for several publications.


Thanks to Denis Albin for his precious help and his great expertise which conducted to the perfect description of some of these images.
His website on French military aviation during WWI must be visited.


Paul Dubois, 1914-1918

Dirigible airship



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